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Your dream home is just a click away with Prefabricated Houses! Now, the new generation of living spaces creates modular structures. Containers, prefabs, cabinets… Because modular structures are produced in a very short time, they are environmentally friendly, are much more economical than reinforced concrete structures, and have many advantages that we cannot count. These living areas are also used as a dormitory, dining hall, laundromat, management office, or a security office at construction sites. Sometimes we can see it in a mass housing project. Affordable prefab housing is also used in mass housing created after a natural disaster.


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Even in the health sector, it is quite possible to come across modular structures. Field hospitals, container emergency living units, prefabricated clinics, health centers … Modular structures in many areas such as these, are preferred due to dozens of advantages. One of these areas is the construction and architectural areas. As a result of the disadvantages of reinforced concrete buildings, new solutions were produced. Modular homes are at the top of these solutions. It is very possible to have your dream home in weeks with modular homes. These houses are produced in a factory environment in weeks, can be used safely for many years thanks to the durable materials used in their structure. Interior and exterior designs can be different according to your request. They have many different coating possibilities like wainscoting and so on.

Modular homes, produced with state-of-the-art production systems, have a disassembled structure. Prefab homes, which we can also call flat-pack homes, are produced in a factory fully disassembled. After electrical and plumbing installations, walls and steel structures are produced by international standards. It is shipped all over the world in a very short time, by road, sea or air. They are installed on-site by Karmod expert teams and delivered to the owners ready for them to move in.


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